Things to do at Sky Lagoon: Icelandic Bathing Culture, 7-Step Ritual, and More

Looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in Iceland? Sky Lagoon will be the perfect choice for you! 

This man-made hot pool is heated by natural geothermal water from the ground and offers stunning views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

You’re not sure what to expect at Sky Lagoon and want to know what there is to see and do.

This article will provide you with a list of things you can do at Sky Lagoon so that you can plan your visit accordingly.

First, let’s learn a little about Sky Lagoon.

What is Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon is a new geothermal spa in Iceland that combines Icelandic culture and nature.

It was created by an Icelandic construction company, Nature Resort ehf., and a travel experience company, Pursuit, owned by Viad.

They came together to make an experience that is worthy of being on your bucket list.

Sky Lagoon has much to offer, from tall volcanic rock walls and waterfalls to a grass-roofed turf house.

It’s more than just a hot bath. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in different facets of Icelandic heritage.

Where is it located

The Sky Lagoon is located 4 miles from Reykjavik’s center in Kársnes Harbor, which means it is just 15 minutes drive away. Get Directions

This infinity pool in Iceland is the only one with an ocean view. It floats above the Atlantic and is surrounded by rugged cliffs.

Also, you can overlook Karnes Harbour and Mount Keilir, a volcano that served as a homing device for sailors for centuries.

If you do not have a car, a quick bus ride from Reykjavik will get you there.

(Read our article on How to get to the Sky Lagoon.)

What’s inside Sky Lagoon

Your ticket to Sky Lagoon opens the door to the next level of relaxation, and if you opt for the 7-Step Ritual, there’s even more in store.

As you step inside Sky Lagoon, head to the reception through the front door. 

There are three queues, each catering to different ticket levels, so you can pick the right one for you. 

Once you’re in, the staff will hand you an electronic wristband.

Inside, you will see how the lagoon is inspired by turf houses, turf walls, and cold plunges in natural pools.

It also has modern amenities like electronic bracelets, a drink bar, cafe, restaurant, and gift shop.

Sky Lagoon Experience

You can relax in a giant outdoor hot tub heated to a comfortable temperature of around 100 to 104° F (38 to 40°C).

Also, the relaxing area is not very deep but varies in depth, and the deepest sections are 4 feet 9 inches. 

So, if you are a person who is afraid of water, don’t worry; you can float around in the water without drowning.

The capacity of the Sky Lagoon is well-designed to accommodate up to 550 visitors, as indicated by the number of lockers available. 

However, the management ensures a comfortable and relaxing environment by never exceeding 350 guests at any given time.

An added advantage of visiting the Sky Lagoon is that guests can freely immerse their hair in the water without worrying about adverse effects. 

Unlike the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, which can leave hair feeling dry and brittle, the water in the Sky Lagoon is gentle on hair.

Overall, the Sky Lagoon offers a perfect escape for adults seeking a peaceful thermal experience and a 7-step ritual, making it a wonderful addition to Iceland.

Did you know that tickets to the Sky Lagoon often sell out weeks in advance?

Grab your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss it.

Sky Lagoon 7-step Ritual

The “Ritual,” a seven-step process rooted in Icelandic bathing tradition, is the Sky Lagoon’s cornerstone.

It involves soaking, a sauna, scrubbing, and a cold water dip, resulting in the most refreshing and holistic experience.

Sky Lagoon is one of those blessings where people experience utter relaxation in Icelandic tradition.

You will be treated to a variety of luxury amenities at the lagoon, including healing waters, a sauna, cold therapy, and a body scrub.

To attain this kind of relaxation, the lagoon has a Sky Lagoon seven-step ritual for its visitors.

The Sky Lagoon 7-step ritual price is ISK 13,021 ($99) for Pure Pass and ISK 16,204 ($123) for Sky Pass.

  • Step 1- Relax in the lagoon

    Feature: 38 to 40°C – Warm and Relaxing

    Enter the lagoon directly from the changing room, which is a comfort, especially when the weather is cold. 

    Embrace the healing, warm waters as you see the ocean views and feel the fresh air. 
  • Step 2- Time to cool down

    Feature: 5°C – Cold but Energizing

    The next step of the Sky Lagoon ritual is the cold plunge.

    There is a pool with cold water next to the lagoon in which you will take a dip.

    The cold water will give you a rush and also help stimulate the immune system, tightening the skin and increasing blood flow.
  • Step 3- Sauna

    Feature: 80 to 90°C – Warm and Ethereal

    You need to spend 5 to 10 minutes in the sauna to prepare your body for the next step.

    The sauna’s heat removes toxins and opens your pores, giving you refreshing skin while you enjoy the beautiful coastal views.
  • Step 4- A gentle, cold mist shower

    Feature: 5°C – Cold but Refreshing

    The next step of the seven-step ritual of Sky Lagoon is to balance out the heat by getting into the energizing cold mist.

    It might initially sting, but you will enjoy the drizzle after a few seconds. 
  • Step 5- Time to Scrub

    Feature: Exfoliating

    The ritual experience at Sky Lagoon takes a turn with the Sky Body Scrub, which lets you exfoliate your skin.

    You will be offered bowls filled with sea salt and herbs for scrubbing your body. 

The Sky Lagoon scrub includes almond and sesame seed oils, which are good for your skin.

  • Step 6- Let the steam in

    Feature: 46° – A Healing Heat

    After scrubbing, you enter the steam room, where the therapeutic elements of the ritual are absorbed.

    You can feel a tingling sensation when the steam sinks into your skin and improves the hydrating properties of the Sky scrub. 

    The steam will help the skin become moisturized and smooth, preparing you for the next step of the Sky Lagoon ritual. 

    Also, the steam strengthens your lungs, so inhale deeply.
  • Step 7- A gentle shower

    Feature: 40°- Warm And Gentle

    In this Sky Lagoon ritual, you shower to remove the remaining scrub. 

    After this step, you can return to the lagoon, relax in the hot waters, or head to the cafe for lunch or a drink. 

    This ritual experience at the Sky Lagoon makes you feel energized, and your skin shines.

    Women, this is a chance to enhance your beauty and say goodbye to stress after a long flight by dipping yourself in this crystal water.

Buy the Sky Lagoon entry ticket and enjoy the seven-step ritual without any worries.

Northern Lights and Sky Lagoon

You can see the Northern Lights during winter and on a clear night between September and April.

The lights are visible in the middle of nowhere when there is no light pollution.

The Sky Lagoon’s position over the Atlantic Ocean makes it even easier to see the lights from its location.

If you happen to be there at the time, you can see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in her green, streaky glory.


Have you thought about getting your hands on some Sky Lagoon tickets

Who knows? You might be lucky enough to witness something truly extraordinary!

Eating at Sky Lagoon

There are about two dining options in Sky Lagoon: the Smakk Bar and the Sky Cafe.

The Sky Lagoon Cafe has a rustic theme where you can get enough sandwiches, soups, and other delicacies to refuel.

While the Sky Lagoon Smakk bar is known for its dining experience.

So if you wish to elevate your taste buds to five unique tasting platters, then The Smakk Bar is for you.

Read our article on restaurants near Sky Lagoon and see what else you can get at these eateries.

Sky Lagoon for Kids

The Sky Lagoon offers an inviting thermal experience with warm water temperatures ranging from 38 to 40° C (100 to 104° F). 

The water depth varies but reaches a maximum of 120 cm (4 feet 9 inches), which is not right for kids.

Hence, this rejuvenating facility is specifically designed for adult guests, welcoming visitors aged 12 and above. 

Adult supervision is required for guests between the ages of 12 and 14 to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Unlike other thermal spas in Iceland that cater to younger audiences, the Sky Lagoon prioritizes an adult-oriented atmosphere.

Sky Lagoon Facilities

Planning for a perfect day of relaxation often comes with the hassle of packing and preparation. 

What to wear, what to bring, and how to manage your valuables—these concerns can dampen the excitement of a rejuvenating experience.

Sky Lagoon offers an all-encompassing solution to your worries, ensuring a luxurious experience without stress. 

Towels are provided for all entries, and changing rooms have hairdryers and eco-friendly plastic bags for wet swimsuits. 

Pure and Sky pass holders receive a special black band with which they get to participate in the extra 7-Step Ritual. 

A helpful staff member will give you a brief overview and guide you to the changing rooms tailored to your package.

Before you enter the waters, find parking, waiting, and seating areas at the entrance.

What else:

Sip and Relax: Get your drinks at the Lagoon Bar, where your wristband is your payment method. You can have up to three drinks per person.

Delightful Dining: Indulge at the Sky Cafe and Smakk Bar, offering delicious food and drinks. Pay as you order and relish the warm ambiance.

Shop at Sky Lagoon: Shop for fantastic skincare products from Sky Lagoon, including their fabulous lotions.

Note: Register your credit card beforehand to enjoy drinks from the Lagoon Bar.

Sky Lagoon offers various changing rooms to suit your chosen package.

Sky Lagoon changing facilities

You can also take advantage of luxurious changing rooms with plenty of locker space for your valuables.

Also, the lagoon has a hot pool, a sauna, and a cold glacial pool, so you can switch between them at your convenience.

For changing room facilities, it entirely depends on the Sky Lagoon package you choose:

  • Sky Pass: Private Changing Facilities
  • Pure Pass: Shared Changing Facilities
  • Pure Lite Pass: Public Changing Facilities

You can boost your experience by ordering a glass of bubbly from the bar while enjoying the sunset over the ocean.

The in-water bar includes beers and soft drinks for you to enjoy. Also, there are dining options that you can try.

Sky Lagoon tickets often sell out in advance, so book yours soon!

Are reservations a must?

Given Sky Lagoon’s yearly number of visitors, booking in advance is your most viable option.

Although you can buy tickets at the admission door, getting your preferred time is not guaranteed.

Worry not. You can easily book a Pure Pass or Sky Pass online at your preferred time with discounts and offers.

How can you combine other attractions with Sky Lagoon?

You can add several other attractions to your itinerary along with Sky Lagoon to get the most out of Iceland.

The best way will be to visit all the sites throughout the day and keep Sky Lagoon your last stop to soak away all your tiredness.

But going individually to all the attractions will cost you a lot more, plus the chances of you getting lost on the Icelandic roads also increase.

So the best way to tour the country’s best sites is via Sky Lagoon packages and tours.

On top are the Golden Circle and the Sky Lagoon tour, which will allow you to see the famous highlights of Iceland in one package.

If you want to enhance your experience with something exciting like diving in the top continent of the world, then the Sky Lagoon and Silfra Snorkeling Tour is for you.

Is it worth visiting Sky Lagoon 

Here are some of the reasons to visit Sky Lagoon that will help you make your trip more memorable:

  • The Sky Lagoon is located in Kársnes Harbour, just 7 km from the center of Reykjavik, which makes it easily accessible.
  • It is Iceland’s only thermal infinity pool with an oceanside view. 
  • Sky Lagoon embraces the age-old tradition (dating back to the 12th century) of relaxing in the healing powers of geothermal water and the ancient art of sauna.
  • Its saunas are an ode to the turf-lined huts of old and hobbit-inspired homes from the 16th-century legend.
  • Enjoying a warm soak is at the core of contemporary Icelandic culture.
  • Sky Lagoon Reykjavik geothermal water is a detoxifying mineral for several ski conditions.
  • Soaking in hot water is known to block pain receptors in bones and muscles, so this geothermal warm water can help you with some relief.
  • You cannot swim in the lagoon, but you can always touch the bottom part, as it is primarily made for floating, relaxing, and soaking.
  • The dramatic Icelandic weather can affect the temperature of the warm lagoon water, although it rarely hits below 38 degrees.
  • To take rejuvenating to another level, indulge in face scrubs made from landscape minerals.

Get Sky Lagoon admission along with airport transfer privileges. Buy Ticket.


What are the seven steps at Sky Lagoon?

The star attractions of Sky Lagoon’s seven-step rituals include:

– Relax in the lagoon
– Cool down with a cold plunge
– Relax in the sauna views
– Refresh yourself in the fog and mist
– Use the sky body scrub
– Enjoy the steam room
– Shower and end your trip at Sky Lagoon.

How much time do I need at Sky Lagoon?

You can visit the Sky Lagoon for 1.5 to 3 hours.

Although you can spend five hours relaxing in the pool while enjoying a leisurely meal.

Sky Lagoon is the perfect way to end your trip, so enjoying it until it lasts enhances your experience.

Can I bring my phone to Sky Lagoon?

Yes, you can bring your phone while relaxing in the lagoon.

But make sure to bring a cover to prevent it from getting wet.

This depends on you; carrying your mobile phones to the lagoon is required if you want to click pictures.

But if you aim to relax and rejuvenate, we recommend ditching your phones in the locker.

Do you need shoes at Sky Lagoon?

Icelanders do not wear shoes, so wearing them inside the lagoon might upset the locals.

Also, if you walk around barefoot, your chances of getting sand and dirt on your feet decrease.

So to enjoy the lagoon at its fullest, you can ditch your shoes or sandals.

Does Sky Lagoon smell?

As it is close to the Atlantic Ocean, you get the salty scent of the ocean during your time there.

Sky Lagoon is known for invoking all your senses, as it is designed to be a spiritual and visual experience.

The sound of the ocean tides, the warm geothermal water, and the taste of the local cuisine enhance your entire experience.

How long does the Sky Lagoon ritual take?

Although the Sky Lagoon ritual takes less than one hour, the overall lagoon can usually be experienced in 2- 3 hours. 

After the ritual, you can also return to the lagoon’s hot water. 

However, it depends on person to person and how much they enjoy the lagoon.

Do I have to pre-book the passes?

We recommend that you book your passes in advance. Due to their popularity, the tickets sell quickly.

Booking in advance helps you secure your spot. 

You can also buy your tickets from the reception desk, but the availability of access depends on the season and time of day.

Are kids allowed in the Sky Lagoon?

Children under 12 are not allowed in the Sky Lagoon. A guardian is required for youth ages 12 to 14. 

Also, the Sky Lagoon staff may ask for a valid ID card or passport for the child’s age verification and can only accept admission if provided.

Is the Sky Lagoon cheaper than the Blue Lagoon?

Sky Lagoon is a cheaper option than Blue Lagoon. The Sky Lagoon is also advanced in terms of facilities. 

Also, the Sky Lagoon is located near Reykjavik, which helps visitors arrive at the lagoon quickly and in less time, making it a good option for those on a short visit.

What is the best time to visit the Sky Lagoon?

If you wish to relax in a smaller crowd, the Sky Lagoon is less crowded in the early opening hours and late evening. 

The daytime (3 pm to 5 pm) is the busiest time because most people on the Sky Lagoon tour arrive during this time. Read more.

Featured Image: Skylagoon.com

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